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California's Hanson Fans

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May 20th Apr. 18th, 2005 @ 12:52 am
I was just wondering if anyone from here was planning on going to Mayfest and the members only doc. screening?? if so, how?

Hey, i have decided to join seeing how i live in cali and i am hanson fan. Apr. 17th, 2005 @ 06:07 pm
Name: Michelle Gaeta
LJ Username: ihategohip
Location:Playa del Rey CA (that's right round the corner from LAX)
Fave Hanson:A tie between Zac and Taylor. But sometimes I love one of them more that the other. It totally depends on my mood. lol
Concerts Attended: Feb 29th,04 (best day of my life) and Oct 7th, 04
and hopefully I will be able to see them May 20th in Tulsa.
Feeling: groggygroggy

HOT Hanson group :) Apr. 11th, 2005 @ 01:56 pm
hansonxcore community

QUESTION Mar. 29th, 2005 @ 10:24 am
ok i have a question for all the other fansons. awhile back i heard a few people talking about hanson purses does anyone know where i can buy one or have one made???
Feeling: hungryhungry
Hearing: everything

Hanson Garage Sale Mar. 16th, 2005 @ 12:35 pm
Hey guys,
I have so much hanson stuff, I don't even know what to do with it all. I need to get rid of it. If you are interested in buying anything, go to my site: http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/Ringsforsale/index.html

Email me with any questions. Datwinzrule@aol.com
Other entries
» (No Subject)
Name: Kim
LJ Username: radiant_radish & my hanson blog is kenisamazing
Age: 21
Location: Fresno
Fave Hanson: uggggg
Concerts Attended: warfield 2000 and warfield 2004
» (No Subject)
hey everyone go join myspace (if u havent already) and add me as a friend! :-D

yes i am bored...can you tell?
» Quick Question...
What was the name of that chick who opened for Hanson at the HOB show?
» Soul Lights.. Any Pagans around here?
Since Halloween is next week. You could easily do the Hanson symbol for this..

I got this from Halloween: Customs, Spells, Recipes by Silver Ravenwolf

It's nifty/easy and fun. I'm making mine today actually. It's cheap and cute when it's finished.

...Soul Lights...Collapse )
» (No Subject)
Did anyone manage to take pictures at either concert? I would love to write up the concert for my local magazine (just for my own satisfaction), but I've got no pictures because I didn't get a press pass in time and thus had the usual "no cameras" rule applied to me. I would, of course, give full credit and everything.

On a different note, wasn't the concert AWESOME?!? Ike threw his guitar pick and it landed right at my feet, but I didn't notice it (how many times is it NOT caught?!) until the guy next to me snatched it up. *cries*
» Tays Speech in SF
Did anyone get his speech on recorder?
» (No Subject)
hey, anyone going to the sacramento show? send me an IM on aol to Guardian Writer I'm going by myself so i would love to sit with some fellow LJers!
Hey guys

I can't wait for tomorrow. If anyone recognizes me come up and say Hey! I'll be with my friends mom (tall blonde)

I would love to meet some new people :)

I'll be wearing:

Yellow Docs
Black Hoodie w/Black Sabbath on the back
denim cut offs
Glasses and a lip ring

and that's me! Oh yeah, my name is Theresa ;)

See ya tomorrow!
» (No Subject)
HANSON....TOMORROW! YESSSSSSSS! (im talking about the 6th)

whos excited?

and most of all WHOS GOING!

itll be fun. Good stuff.
» To those going to the Anaheim show...
I'll be there. I am really excited to see Hanson in concert again. If you want to meet up with me I'll be there at the venue around 1pm with a friend. We will be doing the pass the line thing and will most probably be in front.

Pix of what I'll be wearing and stuffCollapse )


» (No Subject)
Heyyy everyone..

I have an extra ticket to the Anaheim show that I'm selling. So I was wondering if anybody needs it? If you're interested, please reply here or you can IM me on my AIM screen name: deadxsunshine. Thanks guys. :)

» m&g's
Has anyone here got a meet and greet for anaheim or la shows?..just wondering.
» *eyes wide*
so none of my friends care, but i know you guys will!

i just won a m&g for the sacramento show next sunday, and i am SO EXCITED!

i have been a fan since 1997, and have not had the chance to meet them yet. and...wow. i finally get to meet them.

i cried my eyes out for 10 minutes. and then i ran around my house. eeeeeeeee.
» (No Subject)
I hate to make another entry, but I'm still desperate for a ride to the West Hollywood show. Again, I'm right off the 57 freeway(also the 91), just a bit north of Anaheim/Disneyland. And again, I will gladly pay gas, give Hanson goodies, whatever. I won't be able to go to the concert if I don't get a ride!! :(

PLEASE email me at yazuha@hotmail.com or catch me on AIM at CAGEDbyFREEDOM if you can help.

Thanks so much!

» tickets
Hey guys... I have an extra ticket to the show in Anaheim and the Show in LA, my friend can't make it to if anyone needs a ticket let me know. Thanks.
» (No Subject)
Name: Kathleen
LJ Username: iheartpinkgloss
Age: 19
Location: San Diego, CA
Fave Hanson: Taylor
Concerts Attended: none unfortunately. but soon to be oct 6 and 7th!
» Meet Up for Sacramento Show!
Hey Everyone going to the Sac Show! If you would like to meet up with a few of your fellow norcal hanson fans, it's the perfect chance.

We will meet at the venue around 10 am. After this, we will do whatever you want to do. I was thinking of going out to breakfast/brunch, then going back to the venue to wait in line.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, let me know. I will need names and screen names of all those of you who are going. I'm hoping if you can, post a picture of yourself in the comments to this post, with your name, and username. I don't think phone numbers are completely nescessary for this since we'll all be meeting up before we go out for breakfast. I just need names so i know when we have everyone in case we have to wait for you.

I really hope all of you can come! I want this to be an awesome lj fansons meetup and an AMAZING concert! wee!

comment away!
» (No Subject)

Okay, two things!

One, I still need a ride to the WeHo show. I'm a little north on the 57 from Anaheim/Disneyland. Again, I can help pay gas/and or give Hanson goodies.

Also, I too need a ticket for the Anaheim show, and maaaybe a ride if someone can. Tickets seem to be sold out and I didn't have money for one until now :(  I can pay you at the show or Paypal it(once the money is transfered into my paypal account).

I'd REALLY appreciate any help!!

Thanks so much!! :-D

» Looking for a ticket!
Searching for a ticket...

Does anyone have a ticket they are looking to get rid of for the Anaheim, California October 6, 2004 show? If so, please AIM me at OutaMyHeadHanson, reply to this comment or email me at jamz_itz@hotmail.com


EDIT: I already have a ticket. Thanks to whoever you are!!!!

» new member!
Name: Jessica or you can call me JJ
LJ Username: Hollywoodreams
Age: 19 y/o
Location: San Diego
Fave Hanson: They're all fantastic! ;)... Well, ok ok. Zac.
Concerts Attended: Hollywood Bowl in '98. The Scene in San Diego last year on Sept 4, '03. AND SOON TO BE... the House of Blues concert in Anehiem. yeeeeya. Im stoked!
» (No Subject)
Alright, people. It's getting down to the wire, and I want to organize this.

If you're going to the Anaheim show, and you want to meet up before the concert...IM me. LonelyFairy16. Do it.
» (No Subject)
Okay, here's the deal.

If you live in Orange County and are going up to the West Hollywood show at the HOB, PLEASE think about giving me a ride!? I don't need one back home(though it'd be nice), but my friend works in Santa Monica and doesn't get off work until 6pm, and THEN he would have to drive back down to pick me up, and then drive back up for the concert. A)We'd probably get there late, and B)we wouldn't have a place to park within a mile of the venue! >.<

So yes, if there's a kind soul who would be willing, I can either help pay gas, or give you a few little Hanson goodies or something from years past(an import single or two, or really awesome Hanson pencils from Asia that I've never seen before, that are NOT home made!).

I live right off the 57 freeway, the Yorba Linda exit(where Cal State Fullerton is).

If anyone thinks they can do this, please AIM me at CAGEDbyFREEDOM or email me! yazuha@hotmail.com

Thank you SO MUCH!
» Looking for some new friends ;)
Hey all

My LJ feels kinda lonely *pouts*

Friend me and I'll friend you back! :)

Hey i dunno if anyones posted this.. but ill just do it anyway : )

have you been to mmmboptastic.com? well its an awesome site and its been nominated for site of the month on elitefanpages

its in second place now and its only votes behind JLO! wouldnt you rather hanson win?

well vote now! [you can vote only once from each isp but you can vote everyday!]

<3 rhonda
» (No Subject)

Hi, my friend bought 4 tickets for the warfield concert on oct 9th. It's floor seats, but she can't go. Would anybody want them on here?
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