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Hanson for SALE!!!! - California's Hanson Fans

About Hanson for SALE!!!!

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FOR SALE: HUGE Hanson Fan collection.

Everything in this collection was gathered between 1996 and 2001. Almost everything is in 100% perfect, brand new, mint, collector’s condition. Everything has been wrapped in acid-free, aging resistant plastic to preserve the condition of the items.

( Click HERE for Pics and Info! ... )

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NOTE: If this type of post is not allowed in this community, I do sincerely apologize to the maintainer(s) and the community members. Please tell me if it is prohibited and I will gladly delete the post right away. "Spamming" this lovely community and annoying its members is not my intention. I'm just trying to get the word out to as many Hanson fans as possible that I have this collection up for sale.
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